IX-G Series
Weighter Function
Genetic Algorithm S/W
Clear, easy to read 15" touch
  • User friendly easy touch panel
  • Enhanced operability by touch screen and display screen
  • Image expandable while working
  • Enhanced automatic setting feature : Test 1~3 more times can
    set X-RAY out emission power Image emphasis, intensity level
  • Windows-Xp as OS : Agile operaion and information
    processing capacity has been enhanced
  • Worming up time has been shorten
  • No Routine Recalibration : There is no periodically calibration
    while machine working
  • Calibratable while the machine is working : User can calibrate
    while machine is working by freeze frame
  • Detect 2 kinds of contaminant at the same time
Various data administrate is able.
  • Many data can be verified while working
  • Data management with CF card
  • User can store a total data and NG product image
  • This machine is designed to emit X-RAY only inner body of the machine. There is only 1uSv/h is leaked to out side of the
    body and this figure is corresponding to the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea Notification No.2004-18
    'Criteria of Radiation Instrument Design Acceptance and Examination'
  • Food absorbed dose is (0.1Gy) corresponding to Food Sanitation Act relate rule
Safety caution for worker
  • Front and side green lamp is on when X-RAY is emitted
  • If a front door is slightly open, the X-RAY emit stop immediately
  • If protection curtain and conveyor are installed uncorrectly, the X-RAY emit stop immediately
  • There is prohibition sticker about user's body insertion and If the body is inserted into the machine, it stops immediately
Safety caution for product
  • If the product is stayed at the emission unit, the X-RAY emit stop immediately
  • When this machine start to work, the machine discharge for a while
Cope with HACCP
  • This machine can detect HACCP physical hazard element such as metals, rocks, glasses, and plastics. Since 2006,
    If fish meat product, frozen sea food, frozen food, ices food, non heated beverage, retort food are manufactured and
    processed, HACCP must be appalled.
  • United state, Japan, Europe Union, International organization(Codex, WHO, FAO) advice to follow HACCP standard.
Stainless steel construction conforms to HACCP
  • 간단하게 분해해서 물로 씻는 것이 가능
  • Waterproof conveyor designed to IP66 and no tools required to remove
  • Open framework provides easy access for sanitation
Patent GA(Genetic Algorithms)
  • High precision detection of foreign bodies by the evolutionary image processing
  • Employing the latest technology evolutionary image processing
  • The biological evaluation mechanism is applied to image processing. Computer do the optimization itself.
Principle of X-RAY Inspection
  • Product on the conveyor is irradiated 재소 X-RAY that are then received by the liner sensor, Unique 5-level image
    processing software detects foreign object or missing products by processing the received X-RAY image
Missing item inspection and Weight analysis
  • Multiple judgment criteria
Masking Function
Line Sensor Output Progress Can Be Monitored
  • By monitoring the line sensor output progress user can check the life time of it so user can prevent the emergency
    machine stop.
IX-G Series has 5 advantage about product manufacture line
Conventionally, customers had to spend valuable cost and lead time on tailor made software when they needed ro detect
specific foreign objects or inspect product. With ISHIDA's original GA evolutionary image processing the operator can
automatically generate the optional sensitivity setting
  • With GA image processing algorithm, variable foreign objects can be detected
  • GA weight analysis function estimate the product weight from a transparent X-RAY image
User Fiendly Operation
  • Easy guide line with 15' wide screen
  • IX-G Series 제품소개 :
    본 제품은 일본 유통산업분야에서 110년 이상의축적된 기술력을 바탕으로 ㈜ISHDA에서 개발된 신규 ITEM으로서 세계 최첨단 글로벌기업의 자존심을 걸고 개발된 제품입니다. 종래의 금속검출뿐 아니라 금속검출기에서 불가능했던 비금속 이물(유리,돌,경골,고무등)의 검출에도 탁월한 성능을 발휘하며 특히 식품을 금속으로 포장하고 있는 용기(알루미늄 포장재, 통조림캔 등) 내의 이물검출도 가능하게 한 제품으로 식품가공업체의 PL 및 HACCP대용등 품질관리에 탁월한 성능을 발휘 할 수 있는 최첨단의 이물검사기기 입니다.
  • All inspection results and operation logs are automatically stored with a time stamp, providing a reliable control point
    for production quality records
  • The conveyor chamber conforms to IP66, suitable for high pressure washing.
Safety and Security
  • There is full safe interlock for both operators and inspected products
Model / Model IX-G-2450/IX-G-2475 IX-G-4075 / IX-G-4075-A
X-RAY Tube Voltage 25~50Kv/20~75Kv 25~79Ky
X-RAY Tube Current 1~5mA/1-8mA 1-8m
X-RAY Output max150W/max800W 300W
X-RAY Protection Protective Curtain (rapidly detachable) Protective Curtain (rapidly detachable)
X-RAY Emissions 1 μSv/h or less, including conveyor
1 μSv/h or less, including conveyor
Product Configuration With or without packings With or without packings
Inspection Chamber Length 20~450mm (intermittent flow) 20~450mm (intermittent flow)
Width ~240mm ~400mm
Height ~120mm ~150mm/220m/m
Conveyor Material FDA approval type urethane
FDA approval type urethane
Dimensions 800mm(L) 270mm(W) 800mm(L) 430mm(W)
Speed 10~60m (option:90mhm) 10~60m/hm
Conveying weight max : 2kg/ option : 4kg
(but at 10~30 m/min belt speed)
max : 5kg/ option : 10kg
(but at 10~30 m/min belt speed)
Power supply Phase AC220V/500W 3.5A 60Hz
/650W,45A(voltage variation: 0.10%)
Phase AC220V/700W/
5A/60HZ(voltage variation: 0.10%)
Protective Construction ip 65(inspection chamber) ip66(inspection chamber)
Operation Temperature ambient temperature : 0~ 350 ambient humidity 30~85 ambient temperature : 0~ 350 ambient humidity 30~85
Product Preset 100set 100set
Machine Weight 190kg 230kg
Control Unit 15' Touch panel 15' Touch panel
OB windows xp windows xp
Noise under 75db under 75db
Inspection Range